SAP Transport Route How to Configure ?

Step 1
T-Code SE06 -> Standard Installation -> Perform Post-Installation Actions

Step 2
Include it to existing Transport Domain. If it's a DEV first installation Create a transport domain

Step 3
Add Virtual Systems QAS & PRD
STMS -> Overview -> Systems -> SAP Systems -> Create -> Virtual System

Step 4
Setup SAP Transport Route
STMS -> Overview -> Transport Route -> Configuration -> Standard Configuration -> Three Systems in Groups
Enter DEV , QAS, PRD

Step 5
Create Transport Target Group if you have multiple clients in your target system.
Edit -> Transport Target Group -> Create

Step 6
Create  transport route
Edit -> Transport Route -> Create
Integration System : <DEV SID>
Target Group: <QA Target Group>.
Delivery Source: <QA SID - client>
Delivery Target: <PRD Target Group>


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