What is ToC Transport of Copies in SAP ?

Transport of copies option is available in each SAP system. This is a type of transport similar to customizing and workbench with its different behavior. Beauty with this type of transports is, it dies in the next target system. What does this mean??? Let's say I have three system landscape for my ECC system: DA1 -> QA1 -> PA1.
If you create a workbench request in DA1 system and release it, it goes to import buffer of QA1. Once imported in QA1, transport is now available in the import buffer of PA1 for import in PA1. But, if you create a Transport of Copy for the same transport in DA1 and release it, it will be in import queue of QA1. However, when you import this transport to QA1 it does not go to the import buffer of PA1.

If you try to use the transport of copies explicitly in any SAP system, say you have created a transport request DA1K900001 in DA1 system and you want to copy this request in a ToC type transport so that you can move it to just the QA1 system. System will not allow you to put these objects in the ToC type transport unless you release transport DA1K900001 as the objects are locked under this transport request. So, you cannot create a ToC in ECC system for an unreleased transport.


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