What do customers and partners think about ABAP for SAP HANA?

ABAP on HANA will bring new features, paradigms, tools and will enable you to develop amazing applications. Be prepared to learn many new things – but please recognize that SAP started an evolutionary process and I will mention the most important aspects:
•The ABAP codeline optimized for HANA (NW 7.4) is compatible with AS ABAP 7.31.
•If you want to build a new application with NW 7.4, you can start with a side-by-side scenario. Later you can also deploy your application on the SAP Business Suite with HANA as primary persistence, since this will also use NW 7.4 (at the moment the SAP Business Suite does not yet support HANA as primary persistence, but SAP is working on this).
•The side-by-side scenario may a little bit painful and the side-by-side scenario has some restrictions but uses mature technology – in fact I blogged about good old SAP Landscape Transformation tool before so I recommend to read it when you want to learn more.

An excerpt from Tobias

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