15 Steps to do a SAP System Copy

1. Create Java Export files from the source system:
2. Stop the target SAP system with the SAP Management Console
3. Make a copy of all the files in the \QAS\SYS\profile\ directory
4. Create a new backup of the source SAP system database
5. Restore the target SAP system database from the backup created in step 4.
6. Run the SAP-provided system copy tool
7. Stop the target SAP system using the SAP Management Console
8. Restore the files copied in step 3
9. Start the target SAP system
10. Cancel any production batch jobs:
11. Delete Source System profiles and Import the correct SAP profiles
12. Delete Source System Licenses and install the new Licenses
13. Reinitialize in the transport domain
14. Change the Logical System
15. Lock/Unlock users as necessary, using Transaction SU01
a) Stop and restart the SAP system
b). Run SGEN to recompile programs and reports
c). Run BDLS to change logical system

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