SAP Note 1748801 - RW: Connection to SAP HANA for CO reports

This SAP Note enhances the database selection of the Report Writer in such a way that the SAP HANA database can be accessed.
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Reason and Prerequisites
Implement SAP Note 1748700 in your system.
Note that an improved performance depends on the general configuration, data volume and data configuration. For small data volumes, for which the Report Painter reports and Report Writer reports only require seconds for the execution anyway, you may not notice a big difference with SAP HANA.
The strength of SAP HANA can be seen with larger data volumes.
When you implement SAP Note 1748700, the values selected by the Report Writer are restricted to those that are required for the report executed. If a report group contains several reports, the selected values are restricted to those that are required for each report.
For Suite on SAP HANA, the acceleration is activated automatically. If you use a side-by-side scenario (accelerator), you must also implement SAP Note 1770937 and activate the Report Writer reports in transaction HDBC under "Overhead Cost Controlling".
Note that you have to regenerate the reports after each time you activate or deactivate the Report Writer accelerator. You can use the generation function of transaction GR55 for this by calling the transaction and entering the required report groups under "Utilities -> Mass generator".
You can also regenerate all report groups for the table CCSS by entering the table CCSS in the "Table" field. In this case, we recommend to start the generation in the background.
When the reports are executed, the system then automatically executes a different access strategy for the database. No further action is required here.
To further optimize the performance for the side-by-side scenario, you can also activate the hierarchies in transaction HDBC (for more information, see SAP Note 1658252).

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