SAP Note 1731571 - SAP HANA DB: E-table contains wrong values after compression

The fact table of a SAP HANA-optimized InfoCube contains wrong values after it has been compressed.
Other terms
SAP HANA, db, wrong, corrupt, compression
Reason and Prerequisites
  • SAP HANA DB Revision 30, 31 and 32
  • the first compression execution for a characteristic combination contains several (two or more) records for the same
  • following compressions contained this characteristic combination again
Reason: Due to a programming error the stored procedure in SAP HANA DB does not handle correctly the compression from the f-table into the e-table.
Apply SAP HANA DB Revision 33 or later

    1. SAP HANA Revision 32 fixes already most cases, when this issue can occur, but only Revision 33 contains all fixes
    2. SAP note 1731572 provides a check program to identify affected e-tables
    3. As a workarounddo not execute the fact table compression
    4. You have to rebuild the InfoCubes which contain wrong data. In some cases it is possible to correct the data by hand. SAP HANA development support therefore offers to check whether this is possible and helps you to correct the data if possible.

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