SAP Note 1649910 - Applying SLT (DMIS_2010 SP05)with SAP HANA SPS03

You are using SAP LT Replication Server - replicating data from SAP system(s) into SAP HANA and want to apply SP05 of DMIS_2010 either to leverage new SLT features and/or stay compliant with SAP HANA SPS03.
Other terms
SLT; SLT System; SAP LT Replication Server; Upgrade to HANA SPS03; SAP Landscape Transformation
Reason and Prerequisites
SP05 of DMIS_2010 for SAP LT Replication Server includes an XPRA that will change / adjust several control tables (RS_*) in the HANA database.
Update your existing SPS02 HANA environment and apply SP05 of DMIS_2010, considering the following procedure:

1. Stop all SLT related jobs on SLT system:
- one monitoring jobs per configuration schema: IUUC_MONITOR_<SCHEMA>
- 2 master controller jobs per configuration schema: IUUC_REPLIC_CNTR_*
-  All data load jobs for table replication (DTL_MT_DATA_LOAD_*)

With this action, all settings for data replication in HANA studio are not changed, delta recording of data in source system still continues but no delta replication is active (similar to "Suspend" mode).

2. Upgrade your HANA system (HANA DB, Studio and HANA Client) to SPS03:
Existing configuration schemas (on SLT system) and HANA DB schemas (on HANA system) are not affected and will stay in use.

3. Apply SP05 and upgrade HANA Client (incl. DBSL PL 110 as outlined in SAP note 1597627) in SLT System :
Include SAP correction notes 1655246, 1656370 & 1662438 and re-run XPRA (Program IUUC_XPRA_SCHEMA_TO_REPLCONFIG).

For existing configuration schemas, the table structure of control tables (RS_*) in related HANA DB schemas (on the HANA system) are adjusted
-> all RS_* tables (except RS_COMPONENTS) will be moved/created for each schema
-> For each HANA db schema, related user roles are generated and can be assigned to HANA users.

4. Restart monitoring jobs of all configuration schemas on SLT system via Configuration & Support Dashboard (t-code: LTR): Choose your schema in the overview screen. In tab "Jobs and Connections" you can restart the master job. SLT system will resume delta replication from SAP source system(s)

Important Notes:
1. Applying SP05 of DMIS_2010 in the SAP source systems is recommended but not required to ensure technical compliance of SAP LT Replication Server with SAP HANA SP03.
2. Once new table records are replicated, related table(s) become also visible again in the HANA Studio - Data Provisioning User Interface. Initially the Data Provisioning UI is empty (does not show any table even they are still in "replication" mode) after applying SP05.
3. Grant necessary authorizations (schema-specific user role) to respective HANA users to ensure appropriate access to HANA DB schema and data provisioning features.

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