SAP Note 1630154 - SAP HANA Database: Crash of HDBIndexserver while data load

You try to load data into the SAP HANA Database and run into errors.
The following error types indicate a relation to this specific error:
  • Crash during load (SIGSEGV/signal 11)
  • Corrupted data in the loaded table after a crash. You might get an errormessage like the following or similar:
    • Error "trying to read type Bool but found type unsupported"
Other terms
SAP HANA Database, Crash, Memory Corruption, NewDB, correction, CSV, load, Data services
Reason and Prerequisites
Prerequisite: SAP HANA Database: Revision 15 or previous

Reason: Due to a programming error in SAP HANA Database Revision 15 or previous versions a memory corruption can occur during the load of data. This leads to crashes of HDBIndexserver when this part of memory is accessed again.
Update to SAP HANA Database Revision 16 or later

There is no fully working workaround available.
Error probability can be reduced with the following load settings
  • parallel loading threads reduced to a minimum
  • Disable AUTO_MERGE for the affected tables with

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