SAP Note 1577128 - Supported clients for SAP HANA

You would like to know which clients are supported by SAP HANA
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SAP HANA provides support for development and deployment of custom applications utilizing support open interfaces. SAP provides a number of support clients* for consuming SAP HANA data, developments and services. This note provides information on what is offically supported by SAP.

* - 'clients' generically includes DB interface clients (e.g. SQL clients for a specific OS), certified 3rd tools/software, application development tools and other technolgies

SAP HANA is currently Optimized and Certified for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, SAP Gateway and Microsoft Office
* SAP provides support for the BusinessObjects 4.0 BI clients certified on SAP HANA.
* These clients are optimized to utilize the power of HANA with the help of:
* A common interface for client tools and a common user experience when accessing SAP HANA
* A SAP HANA specific SQL on top of tables and views for detailed and high-performance access
* A native multi-source interface to federate data from SAP HANA with data from other sources
* Complex calculations that are passed through SQL for processing by the underlying database in HANA

* On SAP HANA SPS04, supported version of SAP BusinessObjects BI clients are 4.0 FP03 and higher and Visual Intelligence 1.0 and higher.

* On SAP HANA SPS03 or above , supported version of SAP BusinessObjects BI clients is 4.0 SP2 Patch 5 (GA) and higher

* On SAP HANA SPS02 , supported versions of Business Objects BI clients are
    -  Analysis for Microsoft Office version 1.1 SP3
    -  Explorer version 4.0 SP2 Patch3
    -  CR 2011 version 4.0 SP2 Patch3
    -  BI 4 Semantic Layer(.unx) version 4.0 SP2 Patch3
    -  Legacy Semantic layer (.unv), WEBI only version 3.1 SP4
    -  CR 2008 version 3.1 SP4 under generic ODBC support policy for tables and SQL Views only

SAP HANA additionally provides open interfaces#
* HANA provides the following standard interfaces for connectivity:
    -  ODBC
    -  JDBC
    -  ODBO
    -  SQLDBC

* When utilizing these interfaces, please note that SAP will provide support only for those SQL/MDX statements that are part of the official HANA release documentation

* Customers can use these interfaces but that does not imply any clients other than those mentioned in this note are certified by SAP to run on HANA.

* Currently certified solutions include SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, SAP Gateway , MicroSoft Excel, SAP NetWeaver BW certified BI clients, packaged SAP applications and SAP RDS content. For the latest list of certified tools and applications, please check the partnercertification page:

* Customers will receive support from SAP and 3rd party vendors for connectivity and interoperability issues for certified 3rd party Frontend clients, tools & applications with SAP HANA. This includes 3rd party BI frontend clients, data provisioning tools, data center management tools, powerd by SAP HANA certified applications, etc

* SAP provides support for customer developed 'custom' applications using SAP HANA open interfaces and standard SAP HANA features (e.g. application and web servers consuming SAP HANA processes). SAP does not provide direct support for 3rd party softwares themselves, just for the SAP HANA features consumed by them

*.3rd party BI certification of BI frontend client vendors is planned for SAP HANA SPS5 and will be available through official SAP Certitication processes.

* BI Client certification on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW)is independent to the certification of BI Clients for SAP HANA.

* Third party BI clients certified for SAP BW are not automatically certified for SAP HANA. For the list of clients certified for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.3 , please check the partnercertification page:

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