What Notes should I read for BW 73 Upgrade ?

What Important Notes should I use for BW 73 Upgrade ?

1403832 - Central Note: Upgrade Systems on SAP NetWeaver 7.3
1636053 - Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.30: BW server: Useful note

Additional Information:
Notes to Avoid Long Runtimes in XPRA 

Note 1564964 - Source system XYZ does not exist
 use function module RSAR_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_DELETE in advance to remove old 
source systems.
 Note 1546842 - Message SY530 in the transport log RS_DTRF_AFTER_IMPORT
 minimum start release for Upgrade 7.01 SP08 or higher (see also Note 1469150)
 Note 1649901 - Time-critical processes in BW upgrade/Support Package import
to prevent long runtimes in upgrade step AIN_NEWBAS/XPRAS_AIMMRG.  
In advance run report RS_LOGSYS_ACTIVATE before/after the upgrade 
 Note 1668456 - DTP: Fehlermeldung RSO851 bei Upgrade / Content-Installation
 import prior to the upgrade to NetWeaver 7.3x,  see also Note 1633805 

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