What is SAP SUM - Software Update Manager

The Software Update Manager is a multi-purpose tool, which supports various processes, such as performing a release upgrade, installing enhancement packages or applying Support Package stacks.
Traditionally for applying SPS we use SPAM for ABAP & JSPM for Java. Some of the benefits of using SUM tool over these tools among others are
  • Two different tools are not required to apply SPS. One SUM tool is used.
  • No need to uncar the SAR files.
  • Minimum downtime (Single downtime for both ABAP & Java combined).
  • Simultaneously the SPS are applied to both the stacks.
This document contains a demo scenario where we are the SUM tool is used to apply a support package stack to a PI 7.1 system SP04 to take the system to a targeted release of PI 7.1 SP08.
For the scenario we have a PI 7.1 SP4 system installed on Linux (RHEL). Database used is Oracle We will be updating the system from SPS4 to SPS8 (Including Kernel upgrade).
You can use the SP stack application in SAP Service market place to know which support packages you need. For this you need to put in the SP stack application source stack and target stack. In Source stack you need to put SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 SPS04 and in the Target stack you need to put SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 SPS08. You also need to download the stack.xml file
Once you have downloaded the packages dump the files and the stack into a download directory. The SUM tool will pick the required files from the download directory only.
Note: In SMP the current SUM package is SUM 1.0 SP02 (SUM10SP02_-*.SAR)

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