What are HANA Daily Admin Tasks?


Check the system status on the Overview tab page of the administration editor in SAP
HANA studio. This displays the most important system information:

• Overall system state

• General system information (software versions and so on).

• The Alerts section shows the latest warnings and messages generated by the statistics server,
which is a monitoring tool for the database. It collects statistical and performance information
using SQL statements.

• The bar views provide an overview of important system resources: the amount of available
memory, CPUs and storage space is displayed as well as the used amount of these resources.
In a distributed landscape, the amount of available resources is aggregated over all servers.
Additionally, the resource information of the server with the highest resource consumption is

• The Services tab page (under the Landscape tab) of the administration screen in SAP HANA studio,
lets you check that all services belonging to your system are running: preprocessor, name server
and index server for each host and one statistics server. A statistics server exists on each host of
a distributed landscape; however, the service actually runs on the master host only. Running services
are indicated by a green icon. Information about resource usage and possible bottlenecks is also

• Regularly perform data backups (including configuration backups). There are no general guidelines
for backup frequency (this depends on the usage scenario).

****************TASK LIST******************
  • Main Administration Tasks
    • Adding Systems
    • Exporting and Importing Systems
    • Viewing System Installation Details
    • Administrator Editor and Diagnosis Mode
    • Changing File Locations
    • Changing Configurations
    • Modifying the Administration Console

  • SAP HANA System Monitoring
    • Monitoring Disk Usage
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Monitoring with Alerts
    • Configuring Alerts
    • Monitoring Services and Distributed Systems
    • Exporting and Importing Table Data and Definitions
    • Monitoring Memory Usage
    • Moving Files for Load Balancing
    • Fixing a Full Disk Event
    • Support for Unresponsive Systems
  • Updates
    • Updating the SAP HANA Appliance
    • Updating SAP HANA Studio
  • Security and License Keys
    • System Privileges
    • Authentication Security
    • Authorization Security
    • License Keys


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