Uninstall SAP Java Stack Post Remove Steps

To remove an existing installation, please perform the following:  (for dual stack, J2EE + ABAP)

1. Drop the J2EE DB schema (the db schema for this one SAP SID) 
    BE VERY CAREFUL, do not drop the DB schema for another existing system or the 
    ABAP schema.                                                                               
2. Remove folder "data" at:                                           
3. Remove folder "SDM" at:                                            
4. Remove folder "j2ee" at:                                           
5. Revert CI instance profile to their original state (backup copies  
should exist) # they should be in the state before the start of the   
Java Add In                                                                               
6. Uninstall SCS using SAPinst                                                                               
7. Restart ABAP 

(For J2EE only system)
Start sapinst.  There should be an uninstall option in the menu.

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