SAProuter Connection Errors Checklist to Fix


Check :
Check the following entry in the "services" file on all hosts (client,server, saprouter):
sapxxxx   3299/tcp

Check :
Try to ping  SAPserv2 or  ping to SAPserv1 from the host saprouter

Check whether the ports you are trying to reach are allowed in the firewall

Check :
Check your technical settings(IP Address) in transaction OSS1

Check  if the right certificate has been generated and applied.

Check whether saprouter is working or not with this command
ps -ef|grep saprouter

Check below ports opening on firewall from saprouter to each sap Server
1. 32<Instance no> (GUI)
2. 23 ( Telnet Port)
3. 80<Instance No> ( HTTP Connection)

Note: Based on your requirement open the corresponding Ports.

Check : 
Check saprouter status via command saprouter -l

Check if saprouter port 3299 is open or closed with below command (if  nothing is listed port is not used)
netstat -an | grep 3299

Additional Info:
SAPRouter - SAP Notes: 30289, 35010, 30374, 41054, 48243

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