SAPINST vs Software Logistics Toolset

What is the difference between SAPINST and Software Logistics Toolset  ?

SAPinst is a software provisioning tool for SAP systems, covering a broad range of platforms and products. Whether you are going to install an SAP NetWeaver system, an SAP Business Suite system or a standalone engine, you can handle all these installations flexible and reliable with SAPinst on all supported platforms. In addition, SAPinst supports many other procedures in the context of software provisioning, such as the system copy, system migration and dual-stack split of SAP systems.

Software Logistics Toolset 1.0: As of August 2012 (with the availability of Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 SPS05), software provisioning manager 1.0 provides the latest SAPinst version that enables software provisioning processes for several product versions, covering all supported platforms. Instead of searching for the right media containing the software provisioning tool and potentially having to consider a long list of issues and fixes that have to be applied manually, just download the latest version of the software provisioning manager and automatically get support of the latest product versions and platforms – including latest fixes in SAPinst and supported processes. The first version, software provisioning manager 1.0 SP00, can be used for products based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3x, including standalone engines (such as SAP liveCache) on all platforms (OS/DB combinations) supported by 720/720_EXT Kernel. As the software provisioning manager 1.0 comprises the latest SAPinst version, you can directly profit from up-to-date procedures powered by a reliable tool available and used for years.

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