SAP Unix commands for Basis Admins

ps -ef |grep <SID>    To View SAP Processes running
cat <filename>           To dispaly contents in a Unix file
ls -la                          To view hidden file (the dot files)
ls -ltr                           To view all files in a directory with modified dates and time
du   <filename>    Check disk usage (du) of a file or filesystem
nslookup <ipaddres> To resolve IP to hostname
find /work -name sap Find files named sap in /work directory
cdpro               To check the profiles path SAPMNT/<SID>/profile
cdexe   To check files in SAP kernel Folder
stopsap                     To stop all instances of SAP (DB + CI)
startsap          To start all instances of SAP (DB + CI)
chmod               To change permission of a file or directory
chown                To change owner of a file or directory
telnet <ipaddress> <port>                To verify if SAP ports are open or not
cp -rp *               To copy all files with permissions
crontab -l               To display a cronjob file on current tab
crontab -e               To edit current crontab

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