SAP Router is Down How to Check the status

How to check if SAP Router is up and running or down?

Check 1 from SAP :
Login to GUI where saprouter is setup.
Enter tcode SM59 double click on the ABAP Connection called SAPOSS and click on Connection Test. 

If no errors means SAPROUTER is running.

Check 2 from SAP Market Place :

Check 3 from Unix Level :
<hostname>: <sidadm>% saprouter -l

Wed Nov  7 13:44:37 2012
SAP Network Interface Router, Version 39.3 (SP4)

peer SAProuter with NI version 38 ...
send info-request to running SAProuter ...

SAP Network Interface Router running on port 3299 (PID = 27120)
Started on: Wed Apr  7 11:34:17 2011

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