SAP PI Certification Questions TBIT51 Part 2

11.  There were few questions on WS-RM protocol.
12.  In point to point communication using PI what statements are true..
a.       It can make use of the mapping routine of the Integration server [wrong, only this was wrong others were true. As I had to chose 3 correct answers out of the 4]
13.  Context Object is placeholder for…
  1. Receiver Determination
  2. XPATH expression.
  3. Sender
  4. Interface.
14.  Without changing the definition of the integration process. The changes are made in ID and the process is changed. This is possible through…
  1. Context Objects.
  2. Configurable Parameters
  3. Process Signature
  4. Container.
15.  What are the steps that throw exceptions
  1. Send
  2. Receiver
  3. Control Step
  4. Transformation
16.  Questions on monitoring processes. True statements of Monitoring processes
  1. The events on the applications can trigger monitoring process
  2. An infrastructure is required for processing monitoring processes in ESR
17.  What is the Configurable time object
  1. Integration Directory
  2. ESR
  3. Other options…
18.  When in Advance Adapter Engine local processing of the messages takes place what kind of object is generated in Integration Directory?
  1. Integration Scenario
  2. Adapter Object
  3. Integration Process
  4. Integrated Configuration Object.
19.  What are the development environments for the service to be consumed?
  1. Composite Application Framework
  2. ABAP Development SE80 or SE38
  3. Any development that supports the development of objects using the WSDL
  4. Integration Builder
20.  What is the purpose of function libraries…
  1. Portability of UDF
  2. Reusability of UDF
  3. To make only one UDF if multiple UDF’s exist for the same purpose.
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