SAP Note 1597627 - SAP HANA connection

You want to set up a second database connection from your system to an SAP HANA system.
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Reason and Prerequisites

As of 720 SAP kernel/DBSL, you can set up a connection to an SAP HANA system. If you still use an SAP kernel with Release 7.00, 7.01, 7.10, or 7.11, you can use the 7.20/7.21 SAP kernel without having to perform an SAP upgrade (see SAP Note 1636252).

Only an SAP kernel 64-bit is supported. See SAP Note 1700052 if you use a non-Unicode system.

The DBSL for the SAP HANA connection is available for the following operating system platforms:
  • AIX 64-bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64-bit
  • Linux on x86_64 64-bit
  • Windows server on x86_64 64-bit
  • IBM i (see SAP Note 1705999)
  • Linux on zSeries 64-bit (as of 720 patch level 314, 721 patch level 24)

With the EXT kernel (see SAP Note 1553301), the following platforms are also available:
  • Solaris on SPARC 64-bit
  • Solaris on x86_64 64-bit

As of 7.20 patch level 314 and 721 patch level 24, Solaris is also supported with the non-EXT kernel.

As of the following patch levels, you have the option to set up a connection to an SAP HANA system:
  • SAP kernel (database independent), SAPEXE.SAR : 720 patch level 100, 721
  • SAP-DBSL, SAPEXEDB.SAR : 720 patch level 100, 721

  • 7.20 SAP kernel patch level (100 or higher)
    Check whether the 720 SAP kernel that you use contains the minimum patch level. If it does not contain the minimum patch level, download the current patch for the SAP kernel from SAP Service Marketplace (see Note 19466).
  • SAP DBSL for SAP HANA database
    This DBSL is available on SAP Service Marketplace in each SAPEXEDB.SAR (as of 720 patch level 100).
    Only the DBSL for SAP HANA database (lib_dbsl_PL.SAR) is available on SAP Service Marketplace under this path.

    Additional components
       SAP Kernel
            SAP KERNEL 7.2x 64-BIT UNICODE  (or)
            SAP KERNEL 7.2x EXT 64-BIT UC
                <operating system>
                  SAP In-Memory Database

    This SAR package is handled in the same way as SAPEXEDB.SAR, see Note 19466.

    For SAP HANA Support Package Stack 02, you must use at least 720 patch level 100.
    For all of the following SAP HANA releases (Support Package Stack 03, Support Package Stack 04, and so on), you must use at least 720 patch level 110.
  • DB Client Software for SAP HANA/NewDB. Download the client software from SAP Service Marketplace as described in Note 1603671.
    On each application server, install the DB client software for SAP HANA/NewDB; see the Client Software Installation Guide for the SAP In-Memory Computing Engine.

    The installation must be performed under the user <root>.

    hdbinst -a client -p /usr/sap/<SID>/hdbclient -s <SID>

    Log on to your Windows application server as the SAP administrator (<SID>adm).

    hdbinst -a client -p <lw>:\usr\sap\<SID>\hdbclient
  • Adjust the OS environment for <SID>adm.

    Enter the path for the DB client software /usr/sap/<SID>/hdbclient in the environment variable LIBPATH (AIX), SHLIB_PATH (HP-UX), or LD_LIBRARY_PATH (other UNIX systems) and PATH.

    Enter the path for the DB client software <lw>:\usr\sap\<SID>\hdbclient in the environment variable PATH for the user <SID>adm.

    After you adjust the environment, you must restart the application server.
  • Enter the logical connection using transaction SM30 in the table DBCON (optional for SLT).

    DBMS = HDB
    User name = <DB user>
    DB password = <DB password>
    Connection info: <host name>:<SQL port>

    Also refer to Note 1589983.
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