PI 7.3 BASIS Frequently Asked Questions ?

Question 1: It is a prerequisite that 'all PI services must be up and running'. How can I check this?

Question 1a: How can I check whether installation and configuration was successful?

Question 1b: Can I execute the configuration steps manually? Where is this described?

Question 1c: Where do I find the log files?

Question 1d: Is it mandatory to apply the highest available Support Package after a new installation (before running the CTC Wizard)?

Question 1e: How can I restart the CTC Setup from the Functional Unit UI?

Question 1f: Functional Unit "SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI)" has status "Running" and cannot be changed. What can I do?

Question 2: Does CTC support the usage of a remote SLD?

Question 2a: Do I have to execute any manual steps to run my PI system against a remote (central) SLD?

Question 2b: I want to connect several PI systems to a central SLD. Must all PI service users have same name/password?

Question 2c: During setup of the remote SLD I am asked for the password of users SLD_DS_<SID> and SLD_CL_<SID>, where SID is my local SID and not the one of the remote system. What do I have to enter here?

Question 2d: During setup of the remote SLD I am asked for the "Bridge Gateway Instance ID". What do I have to enter here?

Question 2e: How can I check whether the SLD Self Registration of the PI components was successful?

Question 2f: I am running PI Release 7.1. Can I use a central SLD with Release 7.0?

Question 2g: My local SLD is not using the default HTTP port. The initial setup fails. What can I do?

Question 3: Can I re-execute the "NetWeaver initial setup" template?

Question 3a: I cannot execute the "NetWeaver initial setup" template on a Business by Design (ByD) system. When I select the drop down list 'All configuration tasks', a task "NetWeaver initial setup" is not displayed. Is this correct?

Question 4: I want to run my Integration Server not in the default client 001, but in a different one. Is this automated?

Question 4a: How can I change the UME Client in a 7.1 System?

Question 4b: Which source client and profile do I have to use for a client copy?

Question 4c: Can I change the Integration Server client for a PI system that already runs on client 001?

Question 5: Are there additional steps required to configure a "High Availability" setup?

Question 6: Are there Demo Scenarios available for PI?

Question 7: Do you provide a "Trouble Shooting Guide" for PI?

Question 8: The Configuration steps?

Question 9: I want to connect a Business Suite system with an XI/PI system. Are there any configuration templates available?

Question 10: On "Business By Design" (ByD) Systems the PI CTC Wizard creates a Logical Web Service Port. How can I check whether the creation was successful?

Question 11: After the setup I receive the error message "Unable to log on to system xxx in language yyy with user PIRWBUSER" in the Runtime Workbench (RWB). Why this?

Question 12: I execute the "PI initial setup" CTC Wizard and get an error in step "Create Company Address in client 000". What to do?

Question 13: Why does the PI Initial Setup not set fully qualified host names (FQHN) by default?

Question 14: Does the PI Initial Setup configure SSO?

Question 15: I install my PI system in a federated landscape. Are there any release dependencies?

Question 16: Does the PI NetWeaver Initial Setup configure SSL/HTTPS?

Question 17: Step "Executing BAPI SWF_XI_BPM_AUTO_CUSTOMIZE" fails with message: "Error: BAPIRET2 SWF_XI_ADAPTER Error 203 Error  in BPM-Autocustomizing". What can I do?

Question 18: Step "Imports the master XML" fails with message "Error: Profile locked by another local session, please retry later". What can I do?

Question 19: Can I execute the PI Initial Setup after a System Copy?

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