How to Connect to your HANA server on AWS

Log on to Amazon EC2 and start your SAP HANA instance. In the “Navigation” frame, navigate to “INSTANCES>Instances”. This should show all your instances  in Amazon EC2. Make sure the HANA instance you want to connect  to is in “running” state. If not, choose the instance, then click on “Instance Actions” menu, and click on “Start” in the pull down menu.

Associate your Elastic IP with SAP HANA instance and note down the Elastic IP (What is an Elastic IP?). After each restart of our AWS instance, this procedure of mapping elastic IP to HANA instance must be repeated. During the first time the IP address is automatically associated. [Note: The Elastic IP makes sure you can connect to your instance with the same host name / IP address every time it's restarted.]

To associate your Elastic IP with your SAP HANA Instance
In the “Navigation” frame, navigate to “NETWORK & SECURITY > Elastic IPs”. Check if the IP address is mapped to the HANA Instance, by looking at the “Instance ID” field. If it is already mapped you don’t have to perform any additional steps. Otherwise...
Choose the Elastic IP address that you want to associate to HANA instance.
Click "Associate Address" and in the popup box choose  your SAP HANA instance as shown.
Click “Yes, Associate” to confirm association of Elastic IP to HANA instance.

Note down your Elastic IP address. You will need it to connect to this HANA instance in AWS from HANA Studio.

Create an entry in your local hosts file (for Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, for Linux: /etc/hosts), mapping your elastic IP address to the hosts name imdbhdb.
[Note: If you do not create this hosts file entry, you will see a yellow status icon in your HANA Studio and a warning message "sapstartsrv not started". Your database will work just fine, but you will be unable to stop/start the instance from HANA Studio.]

Open SAP HANA Studio and choose either the Administration Console or Modeler perspective.

In the Navigator Panel, right-click the empty space and choose "Add System..." from the context menu

On the popup, enter
Your Elastic IP or imdbhdb as host name [Note: don't use the Public DNS of your instance, i.e.]
00 as System Number
A name for your HANA server as Description

Click "Next". On the next screen, enter
SYSTEM as User Name
manager as Password. You can change the default password later from HANA Studio.

Click "Finish", wait to the system connection to appear in you Navigator panel with a green status icon and you are officially done!

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