How to Check disk space in HANA for Backups

HANA Disk Space availablity check using HANA Studio

To estimate the size of a backup, you can use the system table M_CONVERTER_STATISTICS in
the SQL Editor in the SAP HANA studio. This system table contains information about the used blocks.

Query to Estimate Space :

select volume_id, sum(allocated_page_size) from M_CONVERTER_STATISTICS 
Group by volume_id
This displays a list of the volumes (index server, name server, statistics server), with the size of each volume in bytes.

Additional Information:
Backup File Naming Convention created in HANA Studio

COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_0_1 (name server topology)
COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_1_1 (name server)
COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_2_1 (for example, index server)
In the above example, COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP is the file name prefix;
databackup_0_1 is the suffix.

Note: The more frequently a database is backed up, the faster the recovery will be.

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