HANA Memory Concept & Architecture

SAP HANA database pre-allocates and manages its own memory pool and provides a variety of memory usage indicators to allow monitoring.

SAP HANA tracks memory from the perspective of the host. The most important concepts are:

  • Physical memory 

          The amount of (system) physical memory available on the host

           Query to determine Physical Memory -Execute the SQL query
           select round((USED_PHYSICAL_MEMORY +
           FREE_PHYSICAL_MEMORY) /1024/1024/1024, 2) as
          "Physical Memory GB" from

  • Allocated memory 

          The memory pool reserved by SAP HANA from the operating system

  • Used memory  ( Working space + data tables)

          The amount of memory from this pool that is actually used by the SAP HANA database

          Query to determine Used Memory -Execute the SQL query
           SELECT round(sum(TOTAL_MEMORY_USED_SIZE/1024/1024)) AS
           "Total Used MB" FROM SYS.M_SERVICE_MEMORY;

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