Checklist to find IDOCs for BW Load Succesful

Check the following 

1.Connections from BW to ECC and ECC to BW in SM59
2.Check Port,Partner Profiles,and Message Types in WE20 in ECC & BW.
3.Check Dumps in ST22, and SM21.
4.If Idocs are stuck i.e see the OLTP Idoc numbers in RSMO Screen in (BW) detials tab see in bottom, you can see OLTP Idoc number and take the Idoc numbers and then goto to ECC see the status in WE05 or WE02, if error then check the log else goto to BD87 in ECC and give the Idoc numbers and execute manually and see in RSMO and refresh.
5.Check the LUWs struck in SM58,User Name = * (star) and run it and see Strucked LUWs and select our LUW and execute manually and see in RSMO in BW.

Tags:  How to find Idocs for SAP BI Load, BW data  loads were stuck up,  Idoc Number of particular load/data source, IDOC getting struck at TRFC (SM58)

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