Who Needs Unicode and Conversion?

Who Needs Unicode?
  • Companies running global business processes like Global HR Systems or Global Master Data Management
  • „Companies offering Web Services to their customers: Global Master Data containing multiple local language characters.
  • „Companies using Open Standards: J2EE and .NET integration (JAVA speaks Unicode)
  • „Collaborative Business: Integration of Third Party Products that run on different code pages
Why Convert to Unicode?

Unicode defines the character set for …
… efficient text processing in any language
… maintaining text data integrity
Unicode systems …
… need only one locale (Unicode locale = platform-independent)
… integrate seamless in existing system landscape (SAP and
non-SAP systems)
… provide all ISO 639-2 language keys and 86 additional countryspecific language keys
ĺ a total of 560 technically supported languages!
Users can …
… enter and display any character from any script no matter which
logon language they use
… print text data in multiple languages

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