What is HANA Load Controller ?

SAP HANA Load Controller enable continuous data replication from the ERP system that is the data provider for SAPHANA. The SAP HANA Load Controller coordinates the SAP HANA data replication as follows:

• The information modeler starts the SAP HANA Load Controller.
• The Load Controller starts the initial load of the SAP ERP data (source system) to the SAP In-Memory
Database on the SAP HANA system (target system). This is done using the R3load component on
the SAP ERP system (source system) by exporting the data from the source system and importing
the data to the in-memory database on the SAP HANA system (target system).
• In parallel, the Sybase Replication Agent on the SAP ERP system is started and performs log mining
on the ERP source database. It relays all relevant information to the Replication Server on the SAP
HANA system.
• As the main component, the Sybase Replication Server coordinates both the Replication Agent and
the ECDA component.
• The Sybase Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA) connects to SAP HANA as the target database
using an ODBC driver and mirrors the changes from the source database of the ERP system that
are relayed through the Replication Server.
• After the initial load has been successfully executed and the changes in the source database during
the initial load have been successfully replicated, the Sybase Replication Server and the related
components perform the ongoing continuous data replication from the SAP ERP system to the SAP
HANA box.

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