SAP Java Administration Tools

Tool Name
Visual Administrator (obsolete in NW 7.3 version)
A graphical user interface (GUI) tool that enables administration of the whole cluster, all cluster elements, and all modules running on them.
Use this tool for remote and online administration.
Shell Console Administrator
Provides console administration of J2EE Engine at runtime. For administration purposes, a set of commands are available, which are entered on the command line in the console where the particular cluster node is running.
Use this tool for remote and online administration.
Config Tool
Provides an easy way to add and configure J2EE Engine cluster element properties, Java parameters, debug mode, additional encryption, and so on.
Use this tool for offline configuration.
SAP Management Console (new feature)
The SAP Management Console (SAP MC) can be used to centrally monitor and perform basic administration tasks, such as starting or stopping the application server, monitoring the system operation and performance, log files monitoring and so on.
Use this tool for offline, online and remote administration.

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