HANA Security - Standard Roles

Following are the standard roles that are delivered with the SAP HANA database

Role: Modeling
Contains all privileges required for using the information modeler in the SAP HANA studio.
Contains the database authorization for a modeler to create all kinds of views and Analytic Privileges.
Allows access to all data in activated views without any filter (_SYS_BI_CP_ALL Analytic Privilege). However, this is restricted by missing SQL Privileges on those activated objects.

Role: Monitoring
Contains privileges for full read-only access to all meta data, the current system status in system and monitoring views, and the data of the statistics server

Role: Public
Contains privileges for filtered read-only access to the system views. Only objects for which the users have access rights are visible. By default, this role is assigned to each user

Role: Content_Admin
Contains the same privileges as the MODELING role, but with the extension that users allocated this role are allowed to grant these privileges to other users.In addition, it contains repository privileges for working with imported objects.

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