HANA Security Privilige Types

Following are privileges used by the SAP HANA database:

System Priviliges:

Used for administrative tasks.
System Privileges are assigned to users and roles

SQL Privileges:

Used to restrict access to and modification of database objects, such as tables. Depending on the object type (for example, table, view), actions (for example, CREATE ANY, ALTER, DROP) can be authorized per object.
SQL Privileges are assigned to users and roles

Analytic Privileges:
Used to restrict the access for read operations to certain data in Analytic, Attribute, and Calculation Views by filtering the attribute values.Only applied at the processing time of the user query.Analytic Privileges need to be defined and activated before they can be granted to users and role

Package Privileges:

Used to restrict the access to and the use of packages in the repository of the SAP HANA database.
Packages contain design-time versions of various objects, such as Analytic, Attribute, and Calculation Views, as well as Analytic Privileges, and functions. To be able to work with packages, the respective Package Privileges must be granted.

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