CE_PROJECTION (:var_table, [param_name [AS new_param_name], ...],
Restricts the columns in the schema of variable var_table to those mentioned in the projection
list. Optionally renames columns, computes expressions, or applies a filter.
The calculation engine plan operator CE_PROJECTION takes three parameters as input:
1. A variable of type table which is subject to the projection. Like CE_JOIN,
CE_PROJECTION cannot handle tables directly as input.
2. A list of attributes which should be in the resulting table. The list must at least have one
element. The attributes can be renamed using the SQL keyword AS, and expressions can be
evaluated using the CE_CALC function.
3. An optional filter.
In this operator, the projection in parameter 2 is applied first – including column renaming and
computation of expressions. As last step, the filter is applied.
ot_books1 = CE_PROJECTION (:it_books,["TITLE","PRICE",
                         "CRCY" AS "CURRENCY"], '"PRICE" > 50');

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