About SAP DST Daylight Saving Time

The beginning of daylight saving time is normally not a problem as the time will jump from 2:00 to 3:00, so seen from SAP that no problem. You will only have a 1 hour hole, as the system had nothing to do for one hour.
So there are no settings or so to maintain or change. Just let SAP system run...
But it is different when switching back to "normal" time, as there you will have the so called double hour, and even as SAP is working on a solution to this, it is still recommended to shut down the SAP system for this period.
(searching for the term "daylight saving time" in OSS should give you some notes explaining how SAP is handling it)
As i know SAP system is taking the time from OS, but you can se what time the SAP system has, by in the GUI menu to select the "system" => "Status"...

By Rolf C weber SDN

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