1709225 - Installation/Upgrade SLT - DMIS 2010 SP7 / 2011 SP2

You want to install or upgrade the SAP LT Replication Server for SAP HANA using DMIS 2010 SP7 or DMIS 2011 SP2.

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DMIS, HANA, LTR, SLT, replication, replicator, trigger, SAPK-917T4INDMIS

This note is updated on a regular basis. Make sure you have the current version of this note before you start the installation.

  1. Compatibility with HANA version
  2. Additional Information for pre version
  3. Relevant Notes for DMIS 2010 SP7 / DMIS 2011 SP2

1. Compatibility with HANA version
If the SAP LT Replication Server is installed on a separate system, source system and replication server it is recommended to install the same support package level on both systems.
As it might not always be possible to install the new support package on all involved systems at the same time, several combinations are suported. If not all system are installed on the newest support package, some new functionalities might not be availabe.

Source System Replication Server SAP HANA DB / Studio
DMIS 2010 SP3/4 DMIS 2010 SP4 HANA 1.0 SPS2
DMIS 2010 SP3-7 DMIS 2010 SP5-7 HANA 1.0 SPS3
DMIS 2010 SP3-7 DMIS 2010 SP5/6/7 HANA 1.0 SPS4

As display above, SAP HANA can be upgrade from SPS3 to SPS4 without upgrading DMIS component. Also the DMIS component can be upgraded from SP5 to a higher support package level without the need to upgrade the HANA database or studio.

If DMIS is already installed on one of your systems due to the usage of another scenario (e.g. TDMS, SAP Landscape Transformation) you have to check the if the required release and SP level is already available.

DMIS 2006 is not supported for any system relevant for SAP LT Replication Server.
DMIS 2010 is supported as described above
DMIS 2011 You can use DMIS 2011 SP2 instead of DMIS 2010 SP7. Minimum SP level on source system is DMIS 2011 SP1.

2. Additional Information for pre version
DMIS 2010 SP7 is available now as a final version in the Service Marketplace (section Support Packages and Patches). Therefore this chapter is only relevant if you installed the pre version.

DMIS 2010 SP7 was shipped as a pre version for the HANA replication scenario. If you installed the pre version on a system you have to install the final version before you are able to install subsequent support packages.
If you are not sure whether pre version is installed on a system, you can check for the following delivery transports:
SAP_BASIS 700 (and following): SAPK-917T4INDMIS
SAP_BASIS 710 (and following): SAPK-918T1INDMIS

If you install DMIS 2010 SP7 (and no later support package) on a system were pre version and notes were already installed, you have to reimplemnet the notes again.

3. Relevant Notes for DMIS 2010 SP7 / DMIS 2011 SP2
The table below gives an overview on all relevant notes for DMIS 2010 SP7 / DMIS 2011 SP2 and whether they have to be installed on the Replication Server and/or on the source system. Some notes might als be relevant for replication from none SAP systems only. This information is also available in the individual notes.

SAP Replication

Note Source System Replication Server
1710867 yes yes (DMIS 2010 only)
1710532 no yes (DMIS 2010 only)
1719107 yes yes
1722023 no yes
1728634 no yes
1730925 yes no
1732743 no yes

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